At Randall's Candles we like to recycle when we can. Therefore, we have a refill service in place to recycle your old candle jars.

Simply bring back your old jars and we can refill them! What's even better, they're $10 off! Win win!

Please be aware that we do not accept old jars to be replaced with new ones. Only your personal old jars will be returned to you refilled.

If you prefer a new jar every time then that's fine. Here are some other uses for recycling your old jars:

- Vase

- Pen/pencil holder

- Paint brush holder

- Nuts/bolts holder

- Tealight holder

Endless opportunities! 

Ensure that you clean your jars thoroughly before use. Do not use them as a glass for human consumption (lolly jar, drinking glass, etc).


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