Mini Bath Bomb Pack

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Goody goody gumdrops
Pack of 16 mini 1.5 inch bombs perfect for a kids bath or daily use

Use one per bath or mix and match for fun!

Red- Strawberry x2
Blue- Bubblegum x2
Green- Watermelon  x2
Pink- Redskins  x2
Purple- Hubba-bubba  x2
Yellow- Musk sticks x2
Orange- Red Frogs x2
Tangerine- Passionfruit and pawpaw x2 

Ingredients- Bicarb soda, Citric acid, kaolin clay, epsom salt, cornstarch, sodium coco sulphate, cream of tartar, grapeseed oil extract, vitamin e pure, fragrance oil, food grade dyes, poly 80, mica

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place out of humidity. Avoid contact with eyes, if contact occurs flush with water. If any irritation occurs visit your doctor and cease use. Ensure all grime is removed from your bath prior to use colour may stick to soap scum, if any colour ring occurs gumption will remove all colours are water soluble and non staining. Floor may become slippery walk with care.